The Barracuda is a recurring character of the American television series Wrecked. She is the boss of the pirates, who planned to kidnap Danny for ransom, but when the plan failed, she and her gang decided to stay on the island. Her real name is unknown.

On The Island

Shortly after Tank Top and Bandana arrive on the island and attempt to take Danny hostage, they fire a flare to signal for The Barracuda to arrive on the island.

Shortly after arriving on the island, The Barracuda orders Steve to dig a grave for Turdhole and give him a proper burial. She then attempts to hold negotiations with Danny's sister, Margot Wallace, over the phone but it does not go to plan as Margot reveals she actually poisoned hers and Danny's father in order to take the money for herself. The Barracuda then announces she is going to stay on the island. (Ransom)

After The Barracuda orders the crash survivors to move to a different part of the beach, her crew party on into the early hours of the next day. When the survivors being to suffer from sleep deprivation, Pack decides to take matters into his own hands and goes to speak with The Barracuda, but ends up losing his watch and all of the survivors' possessions in the process.

Karen notices that all the partying is scaring away the boar. Pack decides to attempt another chat with the pirates, this time taking Todd's golf clubs with him. He tells the Barracuda and the pirates that they were once used by Tiger Woods, which initially impresses them, but when he says he is close friends with Chris Bosh, they call foul and reveal that Chris Bosh accidentally killed himself with a samurai sword, much to Pack's horror. The pirates call Pack a liar, and say they don't like liars, but Pack decides to stand up for himself and throws his glasses onto the floor, which impresses the Barracuda. She agrees to turn down the music and gives the survivors two buckets of beer. (Poison)

The Barracuda overhears Steve singing to himself whilst fishing. When he stops singing, she orders him to carry on at gun point. Barracuda sings along with him, which surprises Steve. She almost reveals a part of her private life to Steve before realising what she was doing and stops.

Later that day, Barracuda summons Steve to her tent. She tells Steve how she met her ex-partner on a boat whilst she was taking it hostage, and says that Steve reminds her of her ex. It's revealed later that Barracuda has seduced Steve. She tells him that if he tells anyone about their relationship, she'll kill him. Steve says that's not the first time he's been told that. (Caiman)


Season 2

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