Rosa is a recurring character of the American television series Wrecked. She was working as the head flight attendant on Lotus Airlines Flight 816 before it crashed.

Before the crash

Rosa worked as a flight attendant at Lotus Airlines, and there were rumors about her hiring someone to embroider "Head Flight Attendant" on her uniforms, but later when confronted by Owen, she declared the rumors to be false, because she embroidered the words all by herself instead of hiring others to do it for her. (Javier and the Gang)

On Lotus Airlines Flight 816, Rosa caught Owen slacking off inside the lavatory, and not answering the call button of a passenger. She told Owen the call button was a "call to action", and the passengers relied on them. She also asked him to take care of at least one passenger for her before the journey ended. A few minutes later, the plane crashed onto an uninhabited island while Rosa was at the tail section, and she was presumably dead, as Owen claimed to be the only crew survived. (All Is Not Lost)

On the island

After Liam's death, Danny tried to comfort the survivors by telling them the truth, but it ended terribly with everybody panicking and fighting with each others. Suddenly, Owen saw the call button from the wreckage of the plane, and it triggered the memory of what Rosa told him right before the crash: the call button was a "call to action", and the passengers relied on them. Owen realized the survivors needed him, so he decided to be the one to stop the chaos. (All Is Not Lost)

Weeks after the crash, Owen bumped into Rosa on the island, and surprised to find her alive. Rosa claimed she was with a group of people in the jungle, and invited Owen to meet them at her camp. However, the "people" turned out to be inanimate objects with human names, and Rosa had actually gone crazy that she believed these objects were living things. (Javier and the Gang)


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