Karen Cushman is a main character of the American television series Wrecked.

Before The Crash

Karen was working as the statistical analysis executive at Bing. She was married to Anthony Cushman, and they had 2 daughters, Lydia and Eleanor. (Last Meal) (Hunt Day)

On The Island

3 days after the crash, Liam announces that he is going into the jungle to search for the fuselage. Jess, along with Owen, Danny, Pack announce they are going along with Liam. Karen then introduces herself by slamming a wild boar she had caught to the ground and says that she's going as well.

The next day, Karen joins Liam, OwenDannyPackJess, Emma and Florence Bittermann. The team then find the wreckage. As Liam pulls the chord of the plane's life raft, if flings him against a tree. Karen witnesses the plane fall out of the tree and crush Liam to death. (All Is Not Lost)

When Pack is shot by Danny, Owen announces he will stick up for Danny in an island court session, and Karen announces she will prosecute. (The Trial)

When Karen notices the water has been contaminated, Chet says it's fine and drinks the entire bottle but immediately becomes very ill. Karen says to Florence that its a shame that her doctor friend is dead as she was actually useful, saying that the wrong friend died. Florence takes offence and says that Emma isn't dead. Karen decides to look for more water and Florence insists she go with her to prove that she isn't useless.

When they arrive at the river, they discover loads of dead boar. Karen tells Florence that they are in the killzone of a Black Caiman. Seeing that Florence is upset about losing her friend, Karen agrees to let Florence help her kill the Black Caiman, but Florence takes offence when she realises Karen was just using her a bait, and storms off.

As Florence throws Emma's rock into the river, she finds the Black Caiman. Karen wrestles the Caiman with her bare hands, before Florence stabs it in the head with a spear. They carry the Caiman back to the camp together. (Caiman)


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